In 3 complete days of live online training, we teach you everything you need to know about professional urban microgreen farming.

This tailored group training is developed so you can hit the ground running, without spending tens of thousands of euros on research, development and making mistakes re-inventing the wheel.

After 3 days of online live group training, you will be a true urban farmer who is able to start growing microgreens right away and build a profitable business out of that.

On top of that you get 4 hours of consultancy from us. We support you 1 on 1 on your specific urban farming project. You decide when and on which topics or hurdles we help you.

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Dreaming of starting your own urban farm but don’t know how?

At InstaGreen, we have more than 6 years experience in research and running a successful urban indoor hydroponic microgreen farm. In those years we have spend loads of time and money on research and development. We have tested a lot, made many mistakes and learned even more lessons. We’d love to teach you all the lessons we learned along the way. So you don’t have to make the same mistakes but can hit the ground running instead!

Training programme

Day 1: How to grow microgreens

Day 2: Growing space & systems

Day 3: The Microgreen business


This life training takes place online, so you can follow it from anywhere around the world. From our urban farm in Barcelona we’ll teach and show you everything you need to know to successfully set up your own farming business.

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