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Find all news related to InstaGreen, our urban farm in Barcelona, hydroponic cultivation, environmentaly friendly and pesticide free high-density growth, healthy microgreens, tasty herbs, new business models and delicious recipes by top chefs and cocktailmakers.

Our Core Values

InstaGreen has a clear goal: to supply everyone with fresh and nutritious food, while doing good to the planet and people. We believe deeply in creating a business that is environmentally, economically and socially viable, that has just a few strong values in its DNA. Our core values are what binds us all and guide us forward.

Become a professional smart urban farmer in only 4 days!

An intensive training to make you a professional smart urban farmer in only 4 days! Starting an indoor urban farm would be a great occasion for you to make a profit out of a sustainable activity, creating at the same time something good for everyone around you. If you would like to build your own microgreens business, but you don’t know how to start, well, we’re here to help you!