Living vegetables for restaurants, cocktailbars, caterers, hotels, canteens and citizens of Barcelona.

InstaGreen grows sustainable food within the city. Join us in our goal to locally cultivate the freshest & tastiest healthy food.

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The sustainable vegetable service

Tasty Vegetables. Happy Clients. Healthy Planet.

1. Grown in town

In our indoor urban farm – our InstaGreenHouse – in the middle of the city, we grow Microgreens, vegetables and herbs, with only a little water and no pesticides.

2. Delivered by bike

Once the produce is ready to eat, we bring them to nearby restaurants by bike.

3. Fresh & alive

The plants stay fresh and alive in our InstaGreen displays until they are harvested on site by the chef cooks or their clients.

4. Healthy & tasty

Enjoy the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable produce possible !

InstaGreen display

Showcase freshness.

InstaGreen Micro

A portable mini garden for restaurants

Have your fresh and healthy greens at hand in your restaurant or kitchen. The InstaGreen Micro contains 3 MicroCups, filled with tasty Microgreens that your clients will love.

The weekly service fee includes the use of the InstaGreen display, its maintenance and cleaning, and a weekly delivery.

Get a free 2 week trial in your restaurant

Locally grown microgreens

Grown with love from ecological seeds and absolutely no pesticides. These locally grown, extremely tasty little greens are beneficial to your health, and to the planet. Enjoy!

Daikon Red

Spicy, radish
Vitamin C, anti-oxidant

Daikon Green

Spicy, radish
Vitamin C, anti-oxidant


Very spicy, sweet, mustard
Helps skin health, diuretic

Garden cress

Cress, fresh aroma, green
Vitamin A, C, K


Spicy, rucola
Vitamin C, anti-oxidant


Sweet, coriander
Helps digestive system

Daikon Pink

Spicy, radish
Vitamin C, anti-oxidant

Thai Basil

Licorice, basil, anise
Helps digestive system

Red Cabbage

Slight cabbage taste
Potassium, Vitamin A, C, E


Kale, broccoli
Vitamin B6, A, C, E, K


Nutty, basil, clove
Vitamina A, C, K, copper

Lemon Basil

Citric basil, anise
Vitamina A, C, K, copper

Get a free 2 week trial in your restaurant