Professional Training –
Start your own Sustainable Urban Microgreen Farm

Dreaming of starting your own urban farm but don’t know how?

At InstaGreen, we have more than 6 years experience in research and running a successful urban indoor hydroponic microgreen farm. In those years we have spend a lot of time and money on research and development. We have tested a lot, made many mistakes and learned even more lessons. We’d love to teach you everything we learned. So you don’t need to make the same mistakes. Instead, you can hit the ground running!


The 3+1 day microgreen farm training

In 4 intense days we teach you everything you need to know about professional urban microgreen farming.

Developed so you can hit the ground running, without spending tens of thousands of euros on research and mistakes. After 3 days of life training, you will be a true urban farmer who is able to start growing microgreens right away and build a profitable business out of that. On day 4 we further support you 1 on 1 on your specific urban farming project. You decide when and on which topics or hurdles.

Talking about learning…

InstaGreen cultivation systemWhen we started, we worked with 3 people fulltime on agriculture and lots of R&D. While having only 14 clients.

Now, with our in house developed growing system, it only takes 1 person about 2 hours per day to cultivate microgreens for more than 100 clients.

Learn about our cultivation system

These are the topics we cover during the training:

InstaGreen cultivation system with layers of beautiful microgreens

Day 1:

How to grow microgreens

InstaGreenHouse growing space with multiple cultivation systems

Day 2:

Growing space & systems

Microgreen display on a bar in Barcelona

Day 3:

The microgreen business

Showing potential clients around in the InstaGreenHouse in Barcelona

Bonus – Day 4:

Let’s work on your business !

Learn by doing

We strongly believe that the best way to learn is by doing! Therefore we do not only teach the theory and show you how we do everything. We let you practice what you learned. Either in our own urban farm or in yours and guiding you along the way.

Build a sustainable business

Building a sustainable business also means ‘financially sustainable’. We show you how to earn up to €6.240 per month per cultivation system.

First hand experience

We walked the walk and learned many lessons the hard way. We also received loads of help, from amazing people and startup-accelerators. You can take advantage of all this experience.

Download the detailed outline of the entire training program.

    Training and explaining how the cos-effective cultivation system worksEpic visit by kevin the epic gardener

    In a nutshell, these are the most important things you will learn:

    1. How plants grow and what makes them happy.
    2. Basics of indoor vertical farming, hydroponics and climate control
    3. The recipes to grow 14+ types of microgreen. Including a step by step guide to reproduce this in your own farm
    4. The ins and outs of our germination systems and cultivation modules. Including technical drawings and a training on how to build them.
    5. What you should take into account when building your own indoor farming space. Including some example floorplans.
    6. How to prevent problems and what to do in case of some of the most common pests, bacteria or fungi
    7. Software and tools that we use to manage orders and administration smartly and efficiently.
    8. How to make your microgreen farm a profitable business!
      (According to some…..the very best part of the training. We dive deep into this as you can see in the complete program)
    9. How to setup the efficient marketing and sales funnel that you need to get your clients to know and love you.
    10. BONUS: how to hack your cultivation systems and produce up to 2x as much.

    On top of that you will get tools and materials valued at €3.329+ :

    Layers with seeds in the InstaGreen germinator system

    Seeding prediction tool

    [value € 500]

    Use it to plan how much you need to seed per species every week .

    Cultivation scheme for different microgreens

    Cultivation and grow cycle scheme

    [value € 750]

    Organise the cultivation of your microgreens. From seeding to ‘ready to sell’.

    instagreen starter kit with cups, celullose and seeds

    Microgreen starter kit

    [value €79]

    Test the response of your local market to microgreens.

    Daily to do list with the names of different team members

    Daily and weekly checklist

    [value for us: priceless!!]

    Helps you to sleep at night, because you know that you have done everything you had to do.

    Profitability calculator in excel

    Profitability calculator tool

    [value € 750]

    Use this to make wise decisions on pricing, capacity needs, scaling up, clients, ROI etc.

    The ultimate sales guidelines

    [value € 2000]

    Helps you get the clients that you want, without being ‘that annoying salesperson’.

    InstaGreen floorplans with various configurations for our InstaGreenHouse in Barcelona

    Example floorplan configurations

    [value € 500]

    From shipping containers or your garage to larger spaces, these examples will help you to decide on your plan.

    Various examples of InstaGreen branding and graphic design - cargobike and posters

    Marketing material (Instagreeneurs only)

    [Value € 10.000+]

    All the marketing material that we use. Designs, photos, brochures, presentations, texts, posters.

    At a farmers market having fun selling and explaining home grow kits

    What motivated others to become an urban indoor (microgreen) farmer:

    1. Being an active member of your local community.
    2. Combining your love for agriculture while enjoying city life.
    3. Work on the future of food production.
    4. Growing a business while combining health, food and sustainability.
    5. Get out of the office and do something active instead.
    6. Get food production closer to the people again.
    7. Reduce your stress by getting a better work-life balance.
    8. Working in hospitality sector, without the crazy hours.
    9. Help solve the global problems, by acting local.
    10. Let the entrepreneurial flame awaken in you.

    And you? What are your reasons?

    Let’s talk about how to make it happen!

    At a farmers market having fun selling and explaining home grow kitsTour in the InstaGreenHouse for children - showing the future of food cultivation

    Each of our trainings will save you tens of thousands of euros in research and years of time re-inventing the wheel.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the training.

    We’ll use this information to contact you personally with information on our training.

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      Cultivation pack containing 2 grow systems and 1 germinator

      Essentials Growing pack

      Get your production up to speed with this essentials cultivation pack.

      • 2 x cultivation systems (12 trays)
      • 1 germination system (24 trays)
      • 48 smart-trays in total
      • Can produce > €12.480 per month

      Total € 6.191 excl.VAT
      Now: € 5.799 (you save € 392)
      excl. VAT & Shipping

      Cultivation pack: 2 grow system + 1 germinator + 4 day training

      Essentials Growing pack + training

      Become an urban farmer, with this cultivation pack and our 4 day training.

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      excl. VAT & Shipping