Instagreen is a healthy food-on-demand service that enables restaurants to always serve fresh lettuce.
Locally harvest in front of your clients. Without compromising natural resources. Without throwing away anything. Super-tasty. All in a beautiful design.

Constant growth

See the food you eat grow in a beautifully designed incubator. The constant growth allows you to harvest enough leaves for a tasty salad, while keeping the plants alive.

Locally produced

Producing fresh food, right where it is eaten, highly reduces it’s environmental impact, as there is no need for transportation like with the conventional food supply chain.

Always & anywhere

Using hydroponics, aeroponics and energy efficient led lights to grow the vegetables, makes them available for consumption at any time. And any where: from dense mega-cities, to places where natural sunlight is not available, or too strong.

Minimalistic design

Most people eat ‘with their eyes’. Food should look good on your plate, and also when it is growing on the wall. The fresh-keeper has a timeless, minimalistic, natural design to fit in any restaurant.


Step 1: Growth in the Central Unit

Instagreen grows your vegetables in a small, local urban farm, with the aid of aeroponics. Fed with water and a nutrient mix that we developed, and under a, for plants heavenly, mix of red and blue led lights, the vegetables grow big enough for consumption in 1,5 month.

Step 2: Replace empty cartridges

With a local and natural transport, either a bike or electric car, the lettuce is transported in fresh keeper cartridges to the restaurant or place of consumption. Used ‘lettuce’ cartridges are replaced in your fresh-keeper by new ones.

Step 3: Harvest and enjoy

On location the lettuces in cartridges are placed in a beautifully designed fresh keeper, ready for you to enjoy. We even have gathered some of the greatest recipes with lettuces for you!


Jens Ruijg
Jens Ruijg(bio-)chemistry
Experimenting constantly to make the plants happier, tastier and living longer. In the early days his lab flooded a frequently while testing different set-ups from safe hydro- to more challenging aqua-ponics.
Matthieu van Haperen
Matthieu van Haperenbusiness
Dreams of optimization, (eco-) efficiency and connecting everything everywhere. His bathroom looks like a high-tech laboratory, communicating with his cellphone. The complex data he acquires from all this are put in Excel sheets to calculate if we get a good ROI.
Remko Dirkmaat
Remko Dirkmaatuser-experience
Knows absolutely nothing about plants. Besides how to eat them. (One of the reasons he wants a Lettuce 1). Luckily he compensates this lack of plant-knowledge with great skills in user experience and design.
Jordi Picas
Jordi Picasmentor
Being Partner at Mundial Gourmet – a gourmet product logistics company – he is helping the the Instagreen.eu team with his knowledge and experience in the world of Food, Logistics and Business.
You ?
You ?a maker
Do you want to join our team and change the way we produce and experience food in the future?

Let us know