Instagreen grows your veggies locally, everywhere.

Instagreen is a healthy food service-on-demand that enables you to have fresh greens 24/7.
No waste, without compromising natural resources, all in a beautiful design.

Jens Ruijg
Jens Ruijg(bio-)chemistry
Experimenting constantly to make the plants happier, tastier and living longer. In the early days his lab flooded a frequently while testing different set-ups from safe hydro- to more challenging aqua-ponics.
Matthieu van Haperen
Matthieu van Haperenbusiness
Dreams of optimization, (eco-)efficiency and connecting everything everywhere. His bathroom looks like a high-tech laboratory, communicating with his cellphone. The complex data he acquires from all this are put in Excel sheets to calculate if we get a good ROI.
Remko Dirkmaat
Remko Dirkmaatuser-experience
Knows absolutely nothing about plants. Besides how to eat them. (One of the reasons he wants a Lettuce 1). Luckily he compensates this lack of plant-knowledge with great skills in user experience and design.