Instagreen grows your veggies locally, everywhere.

24/7 fresh greens, with no waste, all in a beautiful design.

For a fixed price per month you get a Lettuce-1: our locally and organically grown salads continue alive healthy and happy. You just have to pluck the vegetables smartly, and the Lettuce-1 takes care of the rest.

Tired of having to source fresh greens everyday ?
Want to reduce your green waste to zero ?
Want a beautiful, editable wall-decoration?

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We are currently making the last adjustments to the Lettuce:1 design.. Of course you can wait until launch (expected 2nd half 2014), but real pioneers can pre-order Instagreen now and get 25% discount.

Pre-order now !


We love this planet. We love plants. We love great food. And we love converting technology into great products.
However the main reason for making Instagreen is because we love to do our part in creating a better world. Here is how we think why we contribute and you can too:

Reduce CO2 footprint

By creating food locally, a lot of CO2, coming from trucks and planes transporting your food, is reduced. 

Reduce Foodwaste

A staggering 50% of all the food in the world is lost during its storage and transportation. By producing locally and on-demand, waste is reduced to almost 0.

Reduce water use in foodproduction

Water is an extremely valuable resource. And a lot of water is wasted when creating food.


<strong>Jens Ruijg</strong>
Jens Ruijg(bio-)chemistry
Experimenting constantly to make the plants happier, tastier and living longer. In the early days his lab flooded a frequently while testing different set-ups from safe hydro- to more challenging aqua-ponics.

<strong>Matthieu van Haperen</strong>
Matthieu van Haperenbusiness
Dreams of optimization, (eco-)efficiency and connecting everything everywhere. His bathroom looks like a high-tech laboratory, communicating with his cellphone. The complex data he acquires from all this are put in Excel sheets to calculate if we get a good ROI.

<strong>Remko Dirkmaat</strong>
Remko Dirkmaatuser-experience
Knows absolutely nothing about plants. Besides how to eat them. (One of the reasons he wants a Lettuce 1). Luckily he compensates this lack of plant-knowledge with great skills in user experience and design.



Instagreen grows your leafy greens locally in a controlled environment. This means no pesticides, 90% reduced water usage, and harvest to plate in less than an hour. We provide you a weekly fresh batch of salads in your Lettuce:1 where the salads keep on growing. You pluck your salads on demand, reducing waste 100%, increasing freshness and making your clients more happy.



  • 1 Monthly refill
  • 27monthly
  • = 12 lettuces
  • € 99 Setup fee


  • 2 Monthly refills
  • 47monthly
  • = 24 lettuces
  • € 89 Setup fee


  • 4 Monthly refills
  • 67monthly
  • = 48 lettuces
  • € 79 Setup fee