InstaGreen core values

The Core Values that bind us

InstaGreen has a clear goal: to supply everyone with fresh and nutritious food, while doing good to the planet and people.
We believe deeply in creating a business that is environmentally, economically and socially viable, that has just a few strong values in its DNA. These core values are what binds us all and we are proud of them:

1. Great personal relationships

Humans are social animals. We love to talk, to share experiences and to help each other out. Actually, having great relationships is the core motivation of all we do, and we want it to apply also at work.  Having great relationships is the reason why we help people when they need it, why we have fun with what we do, why we have people support us in tough times. Especially when you are building something bigger than you.

2. Make mistakes, learn and grow

Mistakes are great opportunities. They enable you to reconsider why you’ve made the mistake in the first place and how you can improve by implementing your learnings. Indeed, learning from mistakes is the best way to grow. As a person and as a company. We therefore always try to help people to not be afraid of making mistakes.

3. Fair opportunities for everyone

Luckily nobody is the same… What a boring world that would be! However, we are all equal and we all deserve the same opportunities. Whether you are thick, thin, white, black, yellow, purple, male, female, gender-neutral, gay, straight, bi-sexual, vegan, carnivore, flexitarian, communist or capitalist, as long as you share our core values and are open to others, we will give you a fair opportunity at InstaGreen.

4. Positive impact above money

We are here to create something bigger than we are. To have a positive impact. To help people, to help the world. We believe this to be the most important thing. Trust us: a sincere “thank you” will make you happier than any money will ever do!
Nevertheless, we are not saying that money is not important at all. It is important. Of course, you need money to pay bills and buy stuff that helps you grow and build a better world. What we are saying is that we find even more rewarding to have a positive impact.

5. Stimulate the free, entrepreneurial spirit

Creating a startup needs quite some entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to think out of the box, to have a drive to improve, the willingness to create an impact. At InstaGreen we believe that each team member should be free to seek their passion. Inside and outside the company, during or after their time here. Whether you stay with us for a day or for decades, we will do everything we can to spark that proactive, entrepreneurial fire of you.

6.  Happy & satisfied clients

Making clients happy is the core of any value proposition. If clients are happy and satisfied, they will not only be clients, yet friends and ambassadors for your cause. And if you want to create a positive impact, you need exactly that: lots of friends and ambassadors.

7. Pragmatically innovative

Being founded by engineers of all kinds, we deeply believe in the power of creation and innovation. We are always improving on what we do. Yet, we don’t believe in innovation just for the sake of innovation. We found that oftentimes low-tech is better than high-tech. Applying or creating new technology and methods should always have a practical goal and either cause a time-saving, a higher quality produce, a cost-reduction and/or a healthier world.

Feel inspired?

We hope that our core values could inspire you to do great things!
And if you feel a match with your ambitions, feel free to check our careers page or professional training page and let us know if you would like to join us. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our urban farming startup in Barcelona and for people that want to start their own local InstaGreen urban farm. Anywhere in the world. 😉